In this video, you will learn how to hold your instrument and play with proper right and left hand technique. You will learn how to achieve a good sound from your instrument, while feeling comfortable.


Achieve good sound from your instrument

Be comfortable while playing

Use proper right hand and left hand technique

Time Code:

0:00-1:00: How to face your sound hole

1:01-1:39: How to hold the ukulele

1:40-2:25: How to position your neck

2:26-2:49: Sitting down to play

2:50-3:57: Using a strap

3:58-4:27: Technique Variations

4:28-4:48: Holding the ukulele recap

4:49-6:00: Thumb placement

6:01-7:16: Technique variations

7:17-8:18: Getting a good picking sound

8:19-10:02: Proper fret placement

10:03-10:16: Outro

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